One of the integral parts of the Common Criteria standard when applying it to any environment, is to determine the specific customer requirements. These basically set all the parameters of any security evaluation process that is carried out within the standard itself. Challenging as it may be, the task of determining customer requirements when deploying any Common Criteria processes, represents one of the most important steps. This is due to the fact that the specific characteristics of the environment where the security evaluation takes place, is highly dependent on the individual requirements of each customer.

To this end, before engaging the Common Criteria standard procedures, all IT representatives discuss with the different customers, the details of their particular networking environment. This ensures that everyone will receive a personalized experience, targeted for their specific products or entities. Establishing what are the areas that need to be evaluated and assessed from a security point of view, is one of the key elements in determining the necessary processes and deployment methods for satisfying the requirements of all customers. By analyzing the different particularities of each network environment, a better assessment can be made, and therefore, it results in a better and more efficient deployment of the Common Criteria standard.

Depending on the scale of the environment – be it a local server, or a larger, multi-server network; or just a conference that requires real-time IT security assurance, the Common Criteria can adjust its components and provide a personalized deployment. In doing so, several factors are being controlled, such as the process efficiency (it would take considerable time to verify each product in a network individually, without the use of batch processing and scalability); evaluation accuracy (the evaluation accuracy increases with the degree of customization for each product); and statistical processing of the evaluation results, which can offer a better final assessment.